Barney’s Pumps History

In 1950, Barney Curls left his engineering position at FMC Corporation Citrus Division and started Barney’s Pumps Inc. The first years, Barney represented the Worthington Pump Company, mostly providing vertical turbines to the Citrus Growers. But during this time, Florida had a surging phosphate mining industry, which was using as standard Worthington pumps in the chemical process. Recognizing that the factory was unable to serve the needs of the customers, Barney was able to convince Worthington to sell him pumps, which he made into parts, and a pump distributor was born. Local service, inventory, and engineering support became a part of the DNA of his company and the successful combination of these ideas was highly received by the phosphate industry. It spread to the growing citrus and space industries in Florida throughout the 1960’s. In 1968, Barney purchased and built a large facility on 9 acres that would support growth for many years to come. By the 1970’s, Barney’s Pumps recognized the significant population growth in Florida, and diversified into the lift station, wastewater, and water treatment business. Barney’s Pumps had grown to 30 employees, with full shop fabrications facilities. Controlling the quality of all parts of the packaging process was now a part of the fabric of the company.

In 1984, Barneys’ son, John Curls, became the President of Barney’s Pumps. The company expanded with branch locations in Jacksonville and Coral Springs. Sales coverage for the entire state consolidated top tier product lines. A new division, Unitron Controls, was formed to provide production and quality control on the control panels for the rapidly expanding wastewater market. Shop and service facilities expanded, including addition of pump testing. Additional engineering and drawing capabilities were added to control quality and expand into more complex systems. By the year 2000, Barney’s Pumps had grown to 90 employees.

In 2005, John's son, John Curls Jr, became CEO of Barney’s Pumps. The company continues to grow with a higher emphasis on engineering support, quality control, and management of complex pump packages. The shop has expanded with improved tooling for enhanced quality and efficiency. Controls technology and safety in production have all been expanded. Integrating computer technology, Barney’s Pumps is positioned to meet the new opportunities of the pump market but still incorporate the philosophy and DNA started in 1950, to know the customer and exceed the expectations.