Custom Manufactured Systems by Barney's Pumps:

Skid-mounted packages with your choice of pumps and controls.

Why buy a modular system?

Vertical Turbines Horizontal Split-Case End suction

Big or small, horizontal or vertical let us know your need. We can build acustom system to your exact needs. Whether you are irrigating a major league baseball stadium, or boosting the pressure in an effluent water system, we understand your needs. All of our stations are designed by one of our professional engineers and are supplied with a UL listed control panel.

Need it in a hurry? No problem. We have built so many that we can probably re-engineer a system and provide a quote with full specifications and drawings in a few hours.

Barney's Pumps is a major pump distributor with a full, machine/fabrication shop and a control panel division. Since we control the source of manufacture for all of the major components, we are capable of producing a complete package at a cost-effective price.

Prefabricated, Submersible, Grinder Pump Packages in Fiberglass Basins

Dig a hole, add piping and power, and you are ready to go. Our packages make the work at the jobsite easy. All of the internal piping for the wet well and valve box is done for you. When you are not looking to spend a fortune on a lift station look here.

We have several files available for downloading. See the downloads page for a complete listing

Front-load Rail System Components

Barney's Pumps manufactures our own line of front-load, rail systems for submersible pumps. The front-load system is fast becoming the industry standard. Many pump manufacturers have systems that are interchangeable with our system and their distributors buy from us because we have the best prices. In fact, there are two, major, European manufacturers whose USA divisions buy from us. We feature a metal-to-metal (MTM) flange and a metal-to-grommet flange. We know what you are thinking.
You’ve seen o-rings and flimsy grommets before. Ours is different. We have used this in Florida for twenty years and it is the best thing going. It only takes a few days for a MTM system to rust together. Once the pump is pulled, those surfaces that used to be nice and flat are full of jagged edges, and it can be hard to reseal. Our grommet eliminates the reinstallation problem.

metal to grommet flange
metal to metal flange

All of our fabricated components are made from 316SS. The flanges and elbows are made from cast iron. See the following list for available items. 2, 4 and 6 sizes are always in-stock and ready for immediate shipment. Special coatings available, too.

Rail System items
Base elbow
Upper guide bracket
6-hook & 4-hook cable hanger with 1/4 - 7x19 wire rope in 304 or 316 SS with copper or SS crimps (maximum load 1200 lbf)
Lift bails

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